You'll find us where people meet

triple eye designs and develops software systems for many aspects of life such as healthcare, sports or public transportation. Wherever people meet, our software supports them in reaching their goals, because what matters most at triple eye is the human being. User-centered design doesn’t start at the user interface, but rather with the development of an idea or with the software architecture of a system. To find out more about our philosophy, please contact us directly.


Your requirements define the level of our support. triple eye is a full service software company. Depending on your needs, we can support your project during the entire software lifecycle or handle individual segments of your project, for example during a workforce shortage. On request, we integrate a client’s development process, or if preferred, we use our own development process and make our proven infrastructure readily available to our clients, e.g. our infrastructure for software development in medical technology. triple eye has no preferred partner agreement with technology suppliers. That way we are able to advise our clients on what’s best for their business.


At triple eye, we understand sustainable software engineering as a combination of creativity and craftsmanship. In the long run, elegant and sophisticated software solutions pay off. Like good craftsmen we put our focus on architecture and test engineering. In addition, our team includes specialists in key areas such as requirements and usability engineering. triple eye’s uniquely team-oriented process management guarantees you the implementation of most advanced know-how for every client project. 

Tour de Service

Software is more than programming. triple eye stands for

• Usability engineering as a central part in software engineering of comprehensive systems.
• Project and sub-project management, as well as project administration in German, French and English.
• Cooperative participation in requirements engineering, risk management and test engineering of your system.
• Social competence as the foundation for a successful solution in work process development and work re-engineering.
• Consulting services in establishing an R&D department and in developing standardized processes in software development.